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Jacopo M.D. Affinati

Co Founder

Jacopo M.D. Affinati is a Tuscany and Singapore based , business consultant, serial entrepreneur, and chairman of a single-family office with 20 years of italian and international track record.


As a deal-maker, he has invested and advised on transactions in Italy, Switzerland , Cezch Republic, and today in United States and Singapore across many different industry sectors.


He regularly advises, Italian SME and institutionals all over the world from deep tech start-ups to multinationals and governments, primarily in fashion technology and agribusiness investments.


Today he has been the first to nose-dive private equity style investments to structure greenfield infrastructure developments in the Emerging Markets From 2017 .


In 2017 Jacopo was the co-founder of GAJA and italian company aimed to assist Italian SMEs in the development of new markets Jacopo speaks English, Italian and French and has a basic knowledge spanish.





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