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Take Me To Asia

All our project are "end to end" , so we decided in 2018 to made an agreement with WINE+

WINE+™ is an education, brand management and distribution company established in 2018 in Singapore.

It is the child project of Italian Wine & Food™ launched in 2009 in Shanghai to suit the need of a fine selection of Italian wines in the ever-growing Chinese wine market.

WINE+™ was created with the intention to make wine easier to understand, select affordable wines, promote systems to ensure a perfect taste at any time.

WINE+™ intents to make wine easier to understand through education. Wine tastings, classes and trainings to increase knowledge and learn to navigate the Italian wine world with confidence.

WINE+™ works directly with wineries bypassing intermediaries in the supply chain and passing on all cost-saving to its customers. Independently selects labels by focusing on the best tasting wine at the best possible price.

WINE+™ strongly promote wine preserving systems to avoid wine waste and to ensure the perfect taste at any time

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